Y-VISP Students

Visiting Students at Yale. How does it work?

Students from select partner institutions send their top students to study at Yale.

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Yale Visiting International Students Program

The Yale Visiting International Student Program invites top students from Y-VISP partner institutions to study at Yale for either a semester, or a full academic year.  

Program oversight comes from the program’s director and an energetic Y-VISP steering committee, made up of faculty and staff from around the university.

Liberal Arts Experience

Y-VISP students are invited to take full advantage of Yale’s liberal arts curriculum, which includes having access to the wide range of courses that are available to all Yale undergraduates. Y-VISP students come to Yale from diverse academic backgrounds in the STEM fields, social sciences, and the humanities. At Yale Y-VISP students generally continue their major studies that they began at their home institutions, while also taking full advantage of Yale’s liberal arts curriculum.

Academic and Social Life at Yale

In addition to their full academic integration at Yale, Y-VISP students to fully integrate into the academic and social life at Yale. Y-VISP students live in the residential colleges with other Yale undergraduates and Y-VISP students, eat their meals in the residential college dining halls, and participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities. Yale undergraduates, meanwhile, have the unique opportunity to engage with and learn from the Y-VISP students, all of whom contribute in meaningful and exciting ways to the already diverse community in Yale College.